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Basic$110.00 per month 

Drop into any class (excluding Competitive Classes), unlimited open fencing, monthly one on one student progress evaluation session

Competitive$175.00 per month

Unlimited access to any class, access to Competitive Classes, 1 lesson per week, unlimited open fencing

Private lesson/class: $25.00 per 20 minute lesson

(Lessons by appointment)

Strip Fees (open fencing only): $20.00 (By appointment. Fencing experience required)

Drop-in Fee for Classes: $35 per class

An FIE/AAU/USFA/OGHSFL or GHSFL Competitive Membership is required in order to participate in Competitive Classes.

For any additional information please call us at:


**Please remember to download and submit the GFA Liability and Contact Forms on your first day of class!**

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