John is the head coach and owner/operator of Georgia Fencing Academy. He is a Prevot de Foil & Épée with the United States Fencing Coaches Association, Academie Arms International, Moniteur of sabre, and Certified Level 2 Épée coach through the USFA Coaches College at the United States Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs, CO. He has competed in regional and national events, has coached students in local, regional, national, international events, and is currently studying to earn his Maitre d’Armes certification as a Fencing Master. John has worked with Gene Gettler (Cornell/AFC/Emory), Michael Marx (UI/Notre Dame/USFA NAT Coach), Brad Baker (TEMPLE/USFA Coach College), Alex Beguinet (Founder USFA Coaches College/ Head Coach Duke University). John has coached fencing teams at Emory University, Georgia Tech, Hollins University, Kennesaw State University, University of Georgia and is guest epee coach at Athens Fencing Club. He has also taught at the Summer University of the Gifted at Emory University. Head coach of the Lassiter High School Fencing Club (2008-2010) and is currently the head coach of Lanier High School Fencing Club, North Gwinnett High School Fencing Club, as well as Woodstock High School Fencing Club. John is also faculty as an adjunct instructor of fencing at Kennesaw State University.




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